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At the DAOScape, we believe in creating a truly democratic world where everyone's voice is heard, and no one is left behind.

The DAOScape extends from the Freeos Economic DAO to fulfil the vision of an economic system, with an associated free marketplace where cooperation can create value.  Working together to create value.


With the DAOScape, people can combine their talents to create value in endless ways, and theFreeos Economic DAO is there as the economic engine helping move these efforts along.



Our vision stems from a desire to create a fairer and more transparent system that is open to everyone, regardless of their financial means.


That's why we have implemented the Proof-of-Personhood protocol, which ensures that each individual has an equal say in the decision-making process.


This means that we are not reliant on token ownership to determine voting power, making our platform more accessible and truly democratic.


We understand that the rise of blockchain technology has brought with it new opportunities, but it has also created new challenges.

With the DAOScape, we are using both the Proton blockchain and Internet Computer (Dfinity) blockchain to create a truly decentralised, fully on-chain DAO tools to create fair, democratic, and unstoppable organisations that are flexible, modular and connect with other dApps—with cross-chain and off-chain capabilities on the horizon.




For the first time in DAO history, tokens are not needed for voting.

 One of the biggest advantages of the DAOScape having token-free voting, is that DAOs can focus on their core function without worrying first about tokenomics.


This allows them to govern more efficiently and with less distraction. Additionally, by avoiding having tokens that may be considered securities, DAOs can avoid running afoul of regulations and legal issues.


Furthermore, token-free DAOs can operate more democratically, as voting is based on Proof-of-Personhood, meaning each participant has an equal vote regardless of their token holdings.


This helps prevent the common plutocracies that often arise in other DAOs with token-weighted voting. Overall, the token-free approach of The DAOScape provides numerous advantages for DAOs seeking to govern effectively and democratically.

Tokens can be used for voting—if desired.  But tokens are not required to govern DAOs built with the DAOScape.

Another key advantage of the DAOScape is being gas-free and the freedom it provides to DAO participants.


With no need to worry about paying for transaction fees, members can seamlessly vote within the DAO, and take part in other actions without the added financial burden or friction.


Additionally, this gas-free approach removes a significant barrier to entry for newcomers to Web3, making it more accessible to a wider audience.


This means that anyone can join the DAO and have their voice heard, regardless of their financial situation or technical knowledge.


By removing these obstacles, the DAOScape creates a more inclusive and democratic space for all.

Creating and accessing a DAO using the DAOScape is incredibly easy, thanks to the power of our fully decentralised blockchain stack.


All of the DAO's code is hosted on the blockchain, including the frontend interface, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.


This means that you can start collaborating with people from all corners of the globe, all while managing a budget in a truly decentralized way.


One of the most exciting aspects of The DAOScape is that it allows talent to collaborate and create value in a multitude of ways. Because it's a borderless, unstoppable organization, people can act globally and cooperate on projects of any scale.


Whether you're a small group of developers working on an open-source project or a large team of creatives launching a new product, The DAOScape offers a fair and equitable way to manage budgets and decision-making.


So if you're looking to take part in the decentralized revolution and make your voice heard, The DAOScape is the perfect platform to do it on.



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